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Polestar Performance OptimizationProtective MatParking Assistance, Camera (rear)

Polestar provides the kind of enhanced performance that kicks in when it is needed the most. Polestar will not impact certified fuel economy, emissions or factory Volvo warranty.


An attractive plastic protective mat that is adapted to fit the luggage compartment and colour matched to the rest of the interior. To prevent the load from sliding around during transportation, the mat is coated with a layer of friction increasing material. The mat also has raised edges that effectively prevent dirt and water from leaking out into the luggage compartment.

The monitor displays the intended position of the car (coming position when reversing) using movable reference lines. The camera is practically invisible and is located under the boot lid.



Installed Price: $1085.00 +HST


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Installed Price: From $153 +HST


Installed Price: $1,271



Car Seat


Child Seat & Booster Cushion

Protective Plate (beneath the engine) 

Crash-tested and approved according to standed CMVSS 213. Washable upholstery 30°C. Fits all cars with 3-point seat belts. Comfortable to use and easy to install and remove from the car. The backrest provides extra comfort and protection in the event of a collision from the rear. The backrest is adjustable; there are five different heights and two backrest angles.

Protective Plate (beneath the engine) Protects the engine, oil pan and transmission from impacts when driving in poor conditions, for example on bumpy or potholed roads. Fully covering aluminum plate that also prevents impacts from loose stones. 5mm heavy duty high strength aluminum plate. Integrated air ducts for effective cooling of engine components. Installed via 7 mounting points in existing holes. Special tool required for drilling out the car's existing holes for attaching the protective plate.


Installed Price: $316


Installed Price: $474


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