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Volvo Genuine Parts
At Volvo Cars Lakeridge we like to think about Volvo Genuine Parts as the DNA for your Volvo. They are your Volvo's make-up, the essence. You would not take the wrong blood type in a transfusion, would you?
EVERY PART IS VITALWhy Volvo Genuine Replacement Parts?
Advanced Automotive Technology is continuously developing. Only Volvo Genuine Parts combined with Volvo-unique methods and the knowledge of Volvo-trained Technicians will always guarantee retained safety and integrity of you Volvo.


With Volvo Genuine Parts, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Volvo will continue to perform as designed and intended.

Only Volvo Genuine Parts are designed and tested with the vehicle. They are subject to rigorous testing with the same extremely stringent demands as the parts that were used to build your Volvo. They need to perform in harmony with the rest of the car.


This harmony becomes critical when it comes to the functionality of active safety components, brakes and suspension. For example, 'city safety' technology heavily relies on consistency of the thickness and curvature of the windscreen of your Volvo.

Volvo vehicles are one of the most long-lasting luxury on the road. Volvo Lifetime Parts and Labour Warranty, makes it possible to push the boundaries of your Volvo longevity even further.


You only pay once, and never again.



The Polestar Performance Parts are designed for all the parts of the car that are critical to improving its performance. They can be purchased as a Complete Performance Package, which includes everything from improvements to the chassis, wheels and tires, intake and exhaust as well as aerodynamic and interior parts.


Any one of these components will create a more compelling drive and can, if preferred, be bought in separate packages as well.

Drive-E is Volvo's most advanced powertrain ever. As a result, the new generation of Polestar Performance Optimizations has addressed no less than five critical performance areas. Our engineers took a holistic approach during the development, taking it to the next level of performance and driving experiences.


Together, the optimizations deliver a faster, more precise and intuitive driving experience, which has created a car with a rewarding and predictable behavior – traits that are
important for all forms of active driving, regardless of whether it is on the racing circuit or the open road.






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